Quit Competing With God— Ngige To Striking Doctors

Minister of Labour Chris Ngige has urged Nigerian physicians on strike to be humble and stop competing with God, as he laments the ongoing strike by health workers.
On August 2, the National Association of Residents and Developers (NARD) called a nationwide strike to hammer home their support for the implementation of an Update of Understanding that they adopted in Walk 2021.
The MOU contained issues annoying on the government assistance and different issues influencing the specialists. 
Mr Ngige, who last friday said he can’t keep on burning through his time meeting with striking specialists, said God gave specialists ability to save lives and specialists should not rival God yet release their obligations with quietude. 
“We don’t make lives, God makes. 
We just protect individuals’ lives through the demonstration of God. 
In doing as such, God has given us a few forces and those forces are his own to make. 
“Yet, there is something God doesn’t need, God doesn’t need when he gives you controls you use it to attempt to say that you resemble him or you are rivaling him. 
God loves you to do what he has requested that you do; to utilize that force with quietude,” Mr Ngige said. 
Talking on Thursday at the second Highest point of Clinical Older folks Discussion (MEF) held in Abuja, Mr Ngige said the clinical calling is in extraordinary peril and specialists should figure out how to be unassuming and not play God while releasing their obligations. 
“At no time throughout the entire existence of clinical affiliation am I seeing our affiliation and our calling in peril as I’m seeing at this point. 
Many individuals won’t see it however from where I’m sitting and standing, I can see risk ahead,” he said. 
The priest mourned unending strikes by Nigerian clinical specialists, saying “Specialists ought to ask themselves inquiries; can any anyone explain why it is the point at which your partners are in government that you go on the best number of strikes. 
A portion of these associates were Presidents, Secretary Commanders of NMA and even NARD.” 
“Dr Onyebuchi Chukwu, Dr Isaac Adewole confronted a lot of strikes, since our administration came I have merged four strikes. 
Something isn’t right. 
We should begin by coming clean with ourselves,” he added. 
Since Mr Buhari took office in 2015, health workers have demonstrated on the streets at various events, while Mr Buhari has spent nearly 200 days away from Nigeria to attend to his medical needs in London.
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Chukwu Ebuka
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