Breaking News : Unknown Gunmen Returns,Share Message On WhatsApp To Police,Army.

A Note Circulating On WhatsApp,Discloses Message Of Threat From Those Described As “Unknown Gunmen”.

The Message As Received Reads:

We Didn’t Retreat,We didn’t Surrender
Far Away Beyond We Went For A Second Missionary Journey.

Now We Are Back
Back With Force
Backed By God The Most High And His Archangel Michael.

We Will Show No Mercy To Anyone Found At Checking Point,We Will Not Let Those Who Torment Others Have Peace,We Will Spare No One Standing On Our Way.

In Hundred We Came In Our First Missionary Journey,In Thousands We Will Meet You In This Second Holy War.
We Will Meet You At Your Door Steps.

We Are The Unknown Gunmen.
We Fight For The Oppressed.
We Will Avenged The Death Of Anyone Killed By The Black Beast Who Called Selves Police,Military And Other Evil State Agents.
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