Ghana: IPOB Members Spotted Doing Cleanups

IPOB in Ghana

The pictures of Some members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) in Ghana floods social media space.

In this picture, the said members of the agitating group was captured doing some clean up in Ghana with zeal. Trying to keep the environment neat and hygiene.

Eco City Reporters gathered that this cleanup happened even before the Ghanaian Police stormed the meeting venue of the members of IPOB and arrested them.

Ever since this arrest by Ghanaian police, many questions have been raised to attain the main reason for the apprehension.

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Just like everyone knows, IPOB is a registered organization and also one of the largest mass movement worldwide. Even at that they are peaceful.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra are not only recognized in Ghana but across the globe which their main aim is to propagate Biafra to the World.

IPOB whose leader is currently in DSS captivity in Nigeria, is agitating for Independence.

Among all these identity, Ghanaian government should note that the people under the Custody of Ghanaian Police are freedom fighters.

In a short message directed to the government of Ghana, Emeka Gift, an International independent Journalist wrote;

Emeka Gift message to Ghana President

In conclusion, Ghanaians must join hands together to elevate Africa and melt any entity depriving her growth.

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