Checkout 6 Possible Signs a Person Might be HIV/AIDS Positive Without Knowing it.

The topic of HIV/AIDS is one that is rarely discussed in today’s culture. Recent diseases and pathogens such as the coronavirus, Lassa fever, and even ordinary infections have distracted many people from the virus’s existence even in modern times.

According to JasperchiSep, Studies and statistics have revealed that almost one million people die each year as a result of this virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) have issued series of awareness programs and sensitizations which are aimed at eradicating this epidemic. However, studies have shown that the majority of cases of virus transmission is a result of ignorance of its presence in the blood. In other words, many people may have encountered signs of this virus which they mistake for other ailments, thus; spreading it to others.

Regarding this topic, we shall be examining some commonly ignored signs of HIV/AIDS.

1. Headache that persists for months.

Headache is a common phenomenon that is associated with man which could be as a result of environmental pressure, hectic activity, fever, or stress – but a situation where an individual suddenly develops a headache that lasts for months despite medical treatment could be a clue.

2. Swollenness and allergic in the genitals.

There are so many factors that can contribute to this irritation, but a situation where a person suddenly develops a swollen or pain around the private part region without any conscious impact could be a pointer to the virus.

3. Whooping cough and tuberculosis.

Studies have shown that respiratory tract infections like; whooping cough, tuberculosis, lungs diseases and others is a strong indication of the virus. Although, the presence of cough and tuberculosis is not a direct interpretation that a person is positive of the virus, however; it is one of the likely symptoms associated with it.

4. Long-lasting fever.

The presence of fever in the body does not necessarily mean a positivity to the virus, however; studies have shown that the fever, most especially the one that defiles recommended treatment could be a pointer to the virus. Suffering a fever that lasts for several months despite medical treatment is a possibility of the virus in the bloodstream.

5. Skin rashes and boils.

Rashes and boils in sensitive parts of the body are one of the most obvious signs associated with the virus. This rash and skin irritation is centred around the private region and the face. It tends to last for series of months even after undergoing several medications.

6. Drastic weight loss and lack of appetite.

Although, not all cases of weight loss can be ascribed to the virus. Weight loss can be a result of poor nutrition, economic pressure, depression, or even physical exercise, nonetheless; when a person is experiencing a drastic reduction in weight even in the absence of the above factors is a possibility of the virus.

Note: Experiencing the above symptoms does not signify a person is infected with the virus; they are simply normal reactions that occur with other illnesses; therefore, if you notice the following symptoms, you should consult a doctor rather than making conclusions.

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Chukwu Ebuka
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