We can not survive in Nigeria without Igbos – Sultan Of Sokoto tells Agitators

Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, Sultan of Sokoto, has encouraged those pushing for the country’s disintegration to stop, saying that God did not make a mistake in bringing us together as Nigerians.

According to the monarch, Nigerians were brought together by God and it was not a mistake.

On Thursday, September 9, the Monarch spoke at the 2020 Leadership Newspaper award and conference in Abuja, saying that Nigerians must rise up and treat the issue of insecurity as their own personal problem, contributing their fair share to resolving the crisis.

He was also concerned about how each region would do if we all went our separate ways. “Sultan said,”

“If we are to go our 1 million ways, how do we survive? God Almighty will and can never make a mistake, that is his will and must be obeyed.

“Bringing us together as Nigerians is not a mistake and that is what God wanted. If he wants anything else he will do it in no time so we have to accept our religious beliefs as good Christians and Muslims. We all know we are from one source and creator.

“We have to lived together as one people to face these challenges of insecurity, no one can do it alone as the commander-in-chief or the chief of defence staff.

We must rise up to take the issue of insecurity as our own personal problem, we must all contribute to this challenge of insecurity and if we do that, in a couple of years we will be driving with our eyes closed from Kaduna to Abuja with no potholes; from Kaduna to Sokoto with clear roads and Maiduguri to Kano, that is our prayers in the next few weeks, month or years as we will get to that level.”

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Chukwu Ebuka
Chukwu Ebuka is a news editor, and Certified Blogger, Ecocitytvnews.