3 things about Sapa that will blow your mind, 2nd one is unbelievable!!!


In the world today most especially in this part of the world we find ourselves, Africa precisely, many things are happening which most at times seems very funny.

One thing about black man is this… He is suffering and still smiles. He make joke out of serious things. Something that may cost one sorrow in a civilized world, an African man will experience it and make out fun from it.

I have heard many slangs used in describing something but this very one got me honestly. The first day I heard someone say “Sapa dey oo” I thought he was referring to something but I never knew what I meant until I found out. Do you have idea what it is? Don’t worry I will tell you what it actually means.

My reason of writing this article is because I have come across lots of people asking what is “Sapa”? Trying to know if it is a language.

What Sapa Means

Now, what you should know is that the word “Sapa” cannot be found in English dictionary. It is not a language in Nigeria.

“Sapa” is a slang, it means that one is broke or living in extreme poverty.

I believe by now you have known what Sapa Means and how dangerous it is though sounds like joke in the ears.

In case you don’t know, let me remind you;

1. Sapa have sent many people to prison.

2. Sapa has triggered many to go into stealing that ended them in their early grave.

3. As sweet as Sapa sounds in the ears, it have landed many into trouble.

I know after reading this you wouldn’t see “Sapa” a joke anymore.

Have you been sapalized before?


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Chukwu Ebuka
Chukwu Ebuka is a news editor, and Certified Blogger, Ecocitytvnews.