How Book Haram crisis has killed over 300,000 Children in North-East

The Islamc State of West African Province, as the Nigerian military put it (ISWAP).

This comes as the Nigerian military claims that a rival terrorist organization, the Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP), has begun widespread recruiting of unemployed youngsters in order to continue inflicting havoc.

UNICEF’s most recent statistics show that over one million people have been displaced throughout the time period under consideration.

It claimed that as a result of the war in the north, 5,129 out-of-school youngsters are currently dealing with mental health issues.

When one of our reporters inquired about the circumstances that contributed to the deaths of 300,000 children, the UNICEF Media Contact in Maiduguri stated that the deaths were the result of a combination of direct and indirect attacks on children.

He said, “Children killed in crossfires, Improvised Explosive Device (IEDs), children used as suicide bombers, children killed by malnutrition among others.”

Salihu Bakhari, a retired security officer, said the UNICEF findings were not surprising to him.

“We are just coming to terms with the reality because the attention in the past was on the frequency of attacks and destruction. We paid little attention to the humanitarian crises including how children were affected.

“I believe more figures would be reeled out in the coming months but the most important thing is for various stakeholders to start thinking on how to address the challenges.

“There are many children that are missing; some have been stolen and others are in the hands of terrorists. They are nurturing them to become fighters.

“So, while we frown and lament the killing of children, there must be a deliberate effort to save those in captivity and make life meaningful for them,” he said.

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