BREAKING: Popular Cleric, Enenche Releases Shocking Revelation as Bandits take Over Nigeria

The Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Pastor Paul Enenche, has revealed why the country’s security situation remains.

Pastor Enenche lambasted security authorities for detaining kidnappers who had thrown the entire country into chaos during a live church session on Dunamis TV that our correspondent watched on Wednesday.

He believes that arresting and keeping them is superfluous, and that they should be shot as soon as they are spotted.

According to him, “The kidnappers that they are arresting is a waste of time. That is why there is evil in this land. When you catch them, waste them”.

While quoting a Bible verse, Exodus 21:16 saying, Enenche said, “And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death”.

He charged members of communities, particularly the vigilantes in where kidnapping incident constantly occur to wake-up to their responsibilities and protect their land.

According to the man of God, “Every community wake-up for your people, every security man should rise-up. The enemies of Nigeria will not see our end. We shall see their.

“I pray that God will help our military and paramilitary to wake up so that the villagers don’t take the glory of what is due for our forces.”

He predicted the end of security crisis in the country staying, “Very soon the terrorists will begin to die mysteriously. They won’t even need to face hunters, they will be dying mysteriously.

“The bandits and those sponsoring them will have encounter in the night that will bury them permanently.”

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Chukwu Ebuka
Chukwu Ebuka is a news editor, and Certified Blogger, Ecocitytvnews.