I am eager to make a change, come let us work together and make Niveria a better place – Wike begs Nigerians

Blessing Ibunge in Port Harcourt

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has urged Nigerians to work together to salvage the country from political and socio-economic miseries. The governor said development could only be secured in a society that promoted good governance, predicated on the rule of law.

Wike made the assertion on Sunday, when he hosted a former Emir of Kano, His Royal Highness, Muhammad Sanusi II, who was on a courtesy visit to Government House, Port Harcourt.

According to Wike, the country’s economy is not doing well and everyday Nigerians also wake up to bad news that had inflicted excruciating pains on them.

The governor maintained that everybody could attest to the fact that things were not well in Nigeria and it did not matter how pretenders tried to exonerate themselves from the happenings.

He stated, “We should brace up; it behoves all Nigerians to say, we must work together to salvage our country. We must work together to move this country forward. It doesn’t matter where you come from.

“Because poverty does not know Fulani. It does not know Hausa. It does not know Igbo. It does not know Yoruba. It does not know other ethnic groups.”

Wike reiterated that Rivers State would continue to be a place where every Nigerian could reside and consider as home. But he insisted it was also obligatory for all residents in the state to conduct their affairs within the confines of the law and be orderly.

The governor said it was the place of government to provide development for its people and ensure safety of all residents. But also noted that it was wrong for some residents to view government’s development policy and efforts to provide security from the prism of religion or ethnicity.

According to Wike, “Rivers State, for me, is a place for all Nigerians, wherever you come from, whether you’re from the east, you’re from the north, you’re from the west or you’re from the south. Whatever your religion is immaterial to me. All of us are Nigerians and we do things in common.

“The only thing I have always craved for is law and order. For people to understand that no society can progress without behaving orderly, without obeying the law. When you have a lawless society with no security, you can imagine the kind of state it’ll be.”

Wike appealed to Sanusi to advise his followers in the state to obey the law and live orderly. He explained that the relocation of the former Oginiba Slaughter Market in Trans-Amadi Industrial Area was a measure taken to curb the level of criminality in the area.

He said it was unfortunate that instead of people accepting the genuine efforts of government to create a peaceful state for everybody, they saw it as measure of hatred against them.

The governor stated, “But as a state, you also owe that duty to protect your citizens, protect the business people, protect the property. So, when we took that decision, the next thing was, he is demolishing where Fulanis and Hausas are. And I said, what type of country we are.

“How can we live under this kind of situation? You take a decision that is for the interest of everybody, they say its because I don’t like them. So, if I don’t like them, why have I not closed the other slaughters?”

Earlier, Sanusi stated that he was on a familiarisation tour to leaders and members of Tjjaniyya Order resident in Rivers State, as their Grand Khaleefa.

He noted with delight the quality of leadership demonstrated by Wike in making Rivers State home for all Nigerians, and acknowledged the quality of public infrastructure, the development strides and security provided for residents by the Wike administration.

Wike said, “This is part of the familiarisation tour to meet with the leaders and members of the order here in Port Harcourt. I will like to thank your Excellency; they have informed me of the support they have received and we have watched closely the efforts of his Excellency to make Rivers a home for all Nigerians. To make all Nigerians feel they’re true citizens of this country and to protect life and property and the freedom of persons.”

He assured the governor that the order did not tolerate extremism, but advocated peace, brotherhood, togetherness, solidarity and progress of the country.

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