IPOB Directorate Of State Makes Important Announcement That Will Affect Biafrans

Have you been waiting to hear from the Indigenous People Of Biafra pioneered by IPOB Directorate Of State over the pressing issues happening in South Eastern Nigeria or to know the level the group is at the moment, this news is for you.

You like reading updates concerning the activities of IPOB and Biafra movement and have waited for a long time for a new press statement, this is a current update released by IPOB head of DirectorateIPOB head of Directorate.

Chika Edoziem, the head of Directorate as well known as the second in command in the affair of IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have dropped a latest memo concerning it’s movement.

In the memo being shared widely on social media, which will be posted here too, Chika made an Important Change of officers in Africa.Change of officers in Africa.

Check out what the IPOB head of Directorate (HOD) said today in the memo as received by EcoCityTvNews.

IPOB Directorate Of State

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Chukwu Ebuka
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