If Nigeria returns to 12 states and old National anthem is brought back, this country will be a better place – Olumba Obu advises Govt

Source: Sunnewsonline

His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, a prominent spiritual leader and founder of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, has once again urged Nigerian authorities to reinstate the 12 state system that existed in the 1970s.

He claims that this is one solution to the country’s ongoing restructuring calls, as well as the agitations for self-determination in various sections of the country.

The respected spiritual leader also suggested that the country return to the use of the former National Anthem in a message given through Christ Ambassador John Ezeoke, who led a group to meet Assistant Inspector General of Police of Zone Six, Usman Sule Gomna.

“Our leader has asked us to reiterate his earlier advice that Nigeria should return to the use of the old National Anthem.

“Nigeria should also return to the 12 states structure. That structure was spiritually significant and approved by God.

“Nigeria is a country much loved by God. In fact, it is God’s own country. There is no power that can divide the country. The agitations for Biafra, Oduduwa or Middle Belt nations will all fail. They are not in God’s Agenda. 12 states structure is what will eventually come to be in Nigeria because his words have never failed”, Ezeoke stressed.

He said that the wordings in the old anthem were divine, potent and very meaningful.

According to him, “Didn’t we see how things were in the country when the anthem was used?”

Alhassan Aminu, the state’s commissioner of police, was also visited with the same message and urged Nigerians to always repeat the prayer found in the country’s old national song.

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