Let’s stop deceiving ourselves and accept the fact that we are Igbos – Deltans, Rivers Chiefs Opens Up (Watch Video)

Highly respected Chiefs from Delta and Rivers has opened up on Igbo identity.

According to the chiefs, while speaking on an interview revealed that both Delta and Rivers State are Igbo states.

In the viral video obtained by Ecocitytvnews, one of the Chiefs stated clearly that the change of names of communities in Rivers State took effect after the war due to little differences.

Ecocitytvnews can recall that many Rivers indigenes has been denying their Igbo identity. Some Deltans has also rejected their Igbo identity claiming they came from Benin while they bear Igbo names and speak Igbo language.

He also said people from these region should stop deceiving themselves and accept the fact that they’re Igbo which is the truth they can not run away from.

Watch the video below:

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Chukwu Ebuka
Chukwu Ebuka is a news editor, and Certified Blogger, Ecocitytvnews.