I won’t stop voicing out, Nigerian government don’t care about its citizens, people are suffering – Comedian Mr Macaroni Says

Popular social media comedian, Debo Adedayo, aka Mr Macaroni, has called on the Nigerian youths and top celebrities to come together to end oppressive government in Nigeria.

Macaroni, While tackling Lagos Government on his verified Facebook page, noted that people are suffering and the government are doing nothing about it.

He wrote,

I wan talk my mind as e dey pain me!!
E don reach one Year wey EndSars happen.
Anytime wey people say dem wan do anything wey relate with Endsars for this Lagos; na so so Police Vans, Trucks, even Armor Tanks wey dem go pack full the place. This same Lagos wey dem go dey rob people for broad daylight and nobody will come to your rescue.
Now October 20th is almost here, we say we wan do peaceful walk to Tollgate, Dem say No, Oya make we do Summit for Landmark Event Center, in a controlled environment and discuss with ourselves, some powers above don threaten them. Those ones don talk say we no fit hold event there again. And how can anyone blame them honestly? Dem dey protect themselves, dem business and customers.
My question is, can’t Nigerian Youths gather again to discuss the Way forward? Ok…. Na una plan to rule forever be this??
Lagos State Government has an event this evening. Infact Top Celebrities go dey there to perform.
Lagos state dey do show days before October 20th but other Lagosians can’t gather for their own peaceful summit?? Before I talk finish now, you go hear “they will hijack your summit”
So how Una dey do Una own shows and political rallies wey dem no dey Hijack am??

For the celebrities, make we dey reason this thing ooo. Government no good but Una Dey chop Government money….
I no say make anybody no chop ooo. But there are some things bigger than money!! If na Government wey dey treat the people better now, e for even better. People are suffering and these people are doing nothing about it!!
The last time wey police carry me, dem beat me and the others!! They stripped us Naked!! Dem dey ask me say “Sheyb na me wan dey disturb Governor Abi”
Shey na that kain Government I go respect??
If there will be any peaceful walk on the 20th, I’m still down ooo. But it must be all of us together. E no go bad if Una go for the Government’s show and still attend a summit or take a walk for the youths. Everybody want Coconut Water but nobody want make dem break the coconut for their head. For Nigeria, even if you let them break Coconut on your head, powers above still fit no let the others drink the coconut water. We must all come together!!!

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Chukwu Ebuka
Chukwu Ebuka is a news editor, and Certified Blogger, Ecocitytvnews.