JUST IN: Security Operatives Brutalised Female Doctor, others At Abuja Hospital

Adaze, who named one of the cops as Ogoche Kingsley, claimed that he afterwards called a friend, a police officer, to the hospital, who then…

One of the victims, Dr. Okpalla Adaeze, informed our reporter that the event was caused by a police officer who went to the hospital for treatment.

He lost his cool, she claimed, after being rejected by one of the wards.

Adaeze explained that she did not see him since he had already been seen at the hospital’s General Outpatient Unit.

“I instantly went to inform them that they had no place at the Accident and Emergency Department” (A&E). “I also explained that since they’ve been attended to, they should check elsewhere if they aren’t satisfied with our service,” Adaeze said. “I don’t know what I did to him, but he started beating me.”

She went on to say that she was able to flee thanks to the help of some patients, but that he had transferred his rage on two patients.

One of the beaten patients, Adaze, who named one of the cops as Ogoche Kingsley, said he afterwards summoned a police officer, who arrived at the hospital with a handgun and an AK-47 rifle.

“At first, the friend claimed to be a DSS officer, he asked Kingsley to point out those who attacked him and he pointed to the two patients around as I was hidden in the theatre. The friend later used the back of his AK-47 to hit one of the patients who just underwent a surgery.”

“When we got to the station, the guy claiming to be DSS later said he was a police officer but before then, he told his friend, Kingsley, that he should tell the police that he was assaulted with chain and cutlass that was why he came to rescue,” he said.

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