Help!!! My 23-year-old girlfriend wet the bed on our first night of being together’

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to seek for advice after his 23-year-old girlfriend he invited to pass the night at a guest house bed-wet during sleep.

“Strange things do happen guys. Yesterday, My babe and I went out 2 take some bottles as usual @ one of our favourite bars in Oyigbo. So it happened that we finished late cos of the interesting nollywood movie that was showing on African magic @ the bar.

She got calls from home that there is a heavy presence of Army men harrassing and flogging people. For safety purpose, I decided that we lodge in nearby guest house to spend the night and this is our first time spending the night together.

While sleeping, (me I wasn’t that deep at sleep cos of the alcoholic drink) with her left leg wrappd around me, I startd feeling some wet sensation. Immediately, I turnd on my phone’s torch, (laughs) and behold my babe was zapping (bedwetting). I got shocked. I woke her up with anger, she feeling very sorry, hugged me and was pleading with me seriously with tears dripping down her eyes. I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for her too.

She said she’s been battling with that issue since childhood.

Please, how can I help her?”

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