I know Nigerians love me, they don’t want me to leave office because of my hardwork but please stop campaigning for me for Third Term – Buhari begs supporters as Reaction pops

The Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari have warned his supporters and politicians to stop campaigning for any third term tenure extension for him. Despite his repeated statements indicating that he is not interested in another term after 2023, some politicians and supporters have continued to campaign for the current president for another term in office beyond 2023.

This time around, the president himself did not hide his feelings by saying categorically clear that he is not interested in any third term agenda. He made this clear while interacting with some Nigerians in Saudi Arabia on October 29, 2021 during his trip.

He said’’ I swore by the Holy Quran that I will serve in accordance with the constitution and leave when my time is up. No Tazarce(tenure extension). I don’t want anybody to start talking about campaigning for unconstitutional extension. I will not accept that’’. Buhari said.

Social media reaction on the issue:

Jane : Why will they be doing that to you? Do they want you do die in office? Nawaoo for Nigerian People.

Ade: Those people doing that must come from Ghana and other countries. I know they are not from Nigeria. Third term what? God forbid.

Ekeh: This man wants to trend on this social media. Let him focus on the insecurity in the country. He knows that Nigeria is not Cameroon or Cotonuo. It can never happen.

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Chukwu Ebuka
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