STRANGE!! Angry Boyfriend Shoots Girlfriend for Ending Relationship of 5 Years (Photo)

Emezana Purity, 24, has opened up about her love life after getting shot by her ex-lover James Eno.

Her ex-lover was reportedly enraged when she allegedly suggested they end their five-year romance.


Purity’s story became viral after a Facebook user published her story, which sparked indignation from worried Nigerians.


According to reports, the incident had occurred in the Warri area of Delta State, South-South Nigeria.

Purity, who survived the attack, told the BBC that she had been experiencing problems with James after learning some unflattering things about him.

She claimed James accused her of dating her business partner, which she rejected, claiming they were only neighbors.

However, the charge resulted in a frequent squabble, prompting her to request a breakup.

James became enraged and demanded the money he had given Purity to establish her business. Her family, on the other hand, pleaded with James to give them more time to raise the funds because they couldn’t afford to do it when he needed it.

Unfortunately, James became impatient, trailed Purity to her house, pulled out his pistol and shot Purity in front of her neighbor.

Purity has spent eight days in the hospital and recovery, this is after her neighbors rush her to a hospital in Warri, Delta state.

Delta State police confirm the incident, revealing they have begun investigating the attempted murder.

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