Nigerian military troops have been placed on high alert and have been dispatched to important sites where security checkpoints are being set up to monitor, deter, and apprehend any prospective assailant.

Following allegations of a planned attack by Boko Haram rebels and bandits, security operatives have been stationed in several areas across the nation’s capital, FCT.

Attackers planned to infiltrate the FCT via the Abuja-Keffi road and carry out attacks, according to security reports gathered by the Nigerian Army late Tuesday night, November 2.

As at press time, troops have been placed on high alert and are deployed to strategic locations where they are mounting security checkpoints to monitor, prevent and arrest any potential attacker.

Soldiers have set up checkpoints at all entry and departure points into the FCT, according to photos posted on social media, and are conducting stop and search operations on specific cars and individuals.

Motorists, particularly those living along the Abuja-Keffi expressway in locations such as Kugbo, Karu, Jokwoyi, Orozo, Karshi, Nyanya, Mararaba, One-man village, Masaka, and other satellite towns, are finding it impossible to navigate the route due to military checkpoints.

This comes after the Tuesday morning invasion of the University of Abuja by bandits who abducted some staff members and their families.